Our Safes
From entry level wall, and floor safes, to high end TL-15 and even higher security vault doors, Donovan's has it all. We have what you need to keep what is important to you safe, and secure. Gun Safes, depository safes, from rare stamps to the money under your mattress we have the security you need to sleep at night.

undercounter cash box safes
Vault Doors >>
DSL presents
the Defender Plus class II and class III vault door safes. With door thicknesses of up to 8 inches these vault doors are meant for securing the largest valuables as well as copious amount of currency.

undercounter cash box safes
Jewelry Vaults >>
DSL presents our new
Jewelry class vault safes. With sizes from a subtle 17 cubic inches all the way up to a larger capacity of 45 x 17 x 17, these new Jewelry safes have the ability to keep all of your best valuables safe.

high security UL rated safes
High Security >>
Ranging from TL-15 all the way up to secure bank vault doors, Donovan Sales has the high security market covered with some of the most impenetrable safes on the market.

Diplomat fire safes
Fire Safes >>
Image what would happen if your home or business were suddenly wiped out by a fire.Insurance could replace most of your furnishings, but important documents would be lost. A fire could also destroy photographs, jewelry and other irreplaceable's.

 There is only one effective way to protect your valuables against fire. That is to keep them in a Fire Safe.

safety deposit boxes high security bank vaults
Safety Deposit Boxes >>
A variety of pre-fabricated safety deposit boxes designed to fit snugly inside all of our high security safes. We also can custom order specific sizes tailored to your needs.

DSL wall mounting safes
Wall Safes >>
Easy to install, easy to hide, easy to operate. Our DSL Wall safes are perfect for installation at home. Hide them behind that monet in the living room. Available with an electronic lock they couldn't be easier to operate.

Touch Screen Lock Burglary Safes >>

Enjoy a safe, and convenient life with our new touch screen lock Burglary Safes.

locking fire cabinet safes

File Cabinet Safes >>
DSL File Cabinets fulfill the role of keeping your valuable documents, papers, and personal belongings safe from prying eyes.


Data media safes
Data Media Safes >>
The lost data by heat or humidity can't be recovered in a short time. Don't let humidity get to those important documents, keep your valuable documents in one of your data media safes.
depository steel safes
Depository / Floor Safes >>
Easy to use depository safes available in a drop or rotary deposit style.  Our depository safes can be custom suited to your application with a dial combo, an electronic lock, or a time lock. Whatever you need DSL has got you covered.

high security steel safes
Steel Safes >>
Simple, small, burglary safes meant for small areas. With the thick steel door's there safes make a great burglary safe for the apartment or small office.

small hotel safes jewelry valueables
Hotel Safes >>
Easy to use, small sized, maintenance free safes for temporary storage of hotel guest valuables.

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